Category: Dye plants

  • Färberpflanzen im November: Färben mit Laub

    November dye plants: Dyeing with leaves

    Autumn has arrived, summer plants have faded and the trees are shedding their leaves. Everything is preparing for winter. We retreat and draw on the harvest of the previous months. What about dyeing with plants? Is there anything to be found in November?

  • Wilde Färberpflanzen sammeln

    Foraging for dye plants

    Summer's abundance of plants and flowers is calling! You can sniff them on a walk, gaze at them while lying in the meadow or gather and dye with them, and if you're new to picking wild plants, I'd like to give you a few points of orientation. And introduce three dye plants you might find easily.

  • Bücher über’s Färben mit Pflanzen: (m)eine Top 5

    Books about dyeing with plants: A few favourites

    Färbe-Bücher für alle: Kreative, Botaniker*innen und Geschichts-Interessierte In meinen Workshops, gibt es nicht nur Färbetöpfe und Lernen durch Selbermachen. Ich hab auch immer viele Färbeproben zum Ansehen dabei, und Bücher über’s Färben mit Pflanzen zur Inspiration.Die Färbeworkshops sind ja noch mehr als gemeinsames Lernen und Entdecken. Ein Raum für Gemeinschaft und Austausch; das Ausprobieren ohne…

  • Natürlich gelb färben mit Goldrute

    Dyeing yellow with goldenrod

    From late summer onwards it can hardly be overlooked and is in full bloom: The time has come to dye beautiful yellows with goldenrod. Comparing my garden today on September 1st, 2020, with photos from previous years, it probably started to blossom earlier this year than in previous years. But it's still not too late to get your dye pots ready!

  • Einfach blau färben mit Indigo: Salz und frischer Färberknöterich

    Natural blue: Salt and fresh indigo leaves

    I have come to love this method of dyeing blue with indigo because it is so accessible. I can knead the indigo blue from freshly picked leaves directly from the plants in the garden without the need for much equipment or electricity! It works best with the fresh leaves of Dyer's knotweed (also known as Japanese indigo), Polygonum tinctorum.

  • Färberpflanzen im Garten – Sommer

    Dye plants in the summer garden

    New website, new blog - to jump into the deep end, here's a short tour of the dye plants in the garden. In spring, I sent out a lot of seeds for dyer's plants and, of course, grew them myself. Instead of starting with a new workshop on the dyer's garden as planned, there were suddenly no more workshops at all with Covid -...