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  • Natürlich gelb färben mit Goldrute

    Dyeing yellow with goldenrod

    From late summer onwards it can hardly be overlooked and is in full bloom: The time has come to dye beautiful yellows with goldenrod. Comparing my garden today on September 1st, 2020, with photos from previous years, it probably started to blossom earlier this year than in previous years. But it's still not too late to get your dye pots ready!

  • Färberpflanzen im Garten – Sommer

    Dye plants in the summer garden

    New website, new blog - to jump into the deep end, here's a short tour of the dye plants in the garden. In spring, I sent out a lot of seeds for dyer's plants and, of course, grew them myself. Instead of starting with a new workshop on the dyer's garden as planned, there were suddenly no more workshops at all with Covid -...