Natural dyeing workshops in Berlin

Dye samples from dyeing with plants: madder root, weld, marigold flowers
Dye samples from plants
Swatches dyed with madder and marigold

Plant dyes and mindful mordants

Upon request – individual and group workshops, available in studio or online. If you understand some German but will need some questions answered in English, you are also very welcome in most of my in person classes. Just get in touch!

Learn about dyeing with plants, in studio or from the comfort of your home.
Botanical dyeing has strengthened my connection to nature – and I want to share that. It opened my eyes to plants‘ treasures even in urban settings like inner city Berlin. Botanical dyes empower us to create and change textiles and garments to our liking.

Workshops can be tailored to your interests. Other than an introduction to the basics of mordants and dyeing with whole plants, mostly local-ish ones, I offer bundle dye workshops and a two-part class on creating paints from plants to print or paint on textiles.

If you’re looking for a kit to start dyeing at home, I offer a starter kit for plant dyes as well as bundle dye kits.