Plant dyeing starter kit

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The starter dye kit contains four traditional dye plants, auxiliary materials and instructions for you to prepare and dye your fabrics or knitting yarns yourself at home.
Please leave a note with your order if you'd like the booklet in English.

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The dye kit contains four historic dye plants, plus auxiliary materials and a mordant to prepare fabrics and yarns well. Along with the package, you will also receive a booklet with easy-to-understand instructions and a digital PDF with dye examples.
Please leave a note with your order if you'd like the booklet in English.

You can use it to dye vegetable fibers such as cotton and linen as well as animal fibers such as wool or silk. You can mordant at least a good kilo of fibers with it, and dye at least four shades.

Would you like to buy some additional fabric? Then you can book the starter package with fabric. I've already cleaned this fabric thoroughly and it's ready to be dyed. You get about 1.45mx1.00m of a slightly transparent cotton fabric (dimensions may vary slightly). The cotton comes from controlled organic farming. The fabric is light, gets a crinkle structure after washing, but can also be ironed smoothly.


Buckthorn bark, weld, madder root, walnut hulls, mordant, ground gall apples
Booklet with instructions (20 pages) and a PDF file with dye examples.

Would you prefer to join me and my dyepots? If you book the online workshop (in german - here) you will receive a discount code for the starter package.

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Starter-Paket einfach, Starter-Paket mit Baumwollstoff


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