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  • Mini-DIY: Making with fabric scraps

    Mini-DIY: Nähen mit Stoffresten

    A few years ago I made my first pocket friend out of small fabric scraps! Never heard of a pocket friend? It's a tiny scented pillow you can keep in any pocket for a little comfort in stressful situations. Use my step by step to make one.

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  • Four books on indigo

    Vier Bücher über Indigo

    An anderer Stelle habe ich schon mal über einige meiner liebsten Färbebücher geschrieben. Passend zum Indigo Intro-Workshop ist es jetzt an der Zeit für Buchtipps speziell zum Thema. Also, meine Lieblingsbücher über Indigo!

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  • Dyeing with invasive knotweed

    Färben mit Staudenknöterich

    Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) is a plant originally native to East Asia. Perhaps the name already makes you nervous? For many, the Japanese knotweed is probably THE species when they think of 'invasive neophytes' in the plant world. It was introduced in...

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  • Dyeing with fruit pruning: apple, cherry and plum tree

    Färben mit Obstschnitt: Apfel, Kirsche und Pflaumenbaum

    Did you know that you can dye with fruit cuttings? In other words, with branches that are trimmed from many fruit trees every year - usually in winter, when there are hardly any other dye plants outside. Some trees are even pruned again after the harvest....

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  • Short + sweet: Black scabiosa for your dye garden

    Kurz + bündig: Schwarze Skabiose zum färben

    Garden scabiosa, botanically Scabiosa atropurpurea You may also know this flower as velvet scabiosa. It comes in different colors, from very light like white or pale pink to deep dark red, almost black. I have it here as a 'black' variant, and...

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  • Short + sweet: Dyer's Tickseed

    Kurz + bündig: Färber-Mädchenauge

    Dyer's tickseed, botanically Coreopsis tinctoria Tickseed is an annual plant with delicate leaves and a large number of small flowers. The flowers are a warm yellow with a mahogany red eye.

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