Month: July 2020

  • Einfach blau färben mit Indigo: Salz und frischer Färberknöterich

    Natural blue: Salt and fresh indigo leaves

    I have come to love this method of dyeing blue with indigo because it is so accessible. I can knead the indigo blue from freshly picked leaves directly from the plants in the garden without the need for much equipment or electricity! It works best with the fresh leaves of Dyer's knotweed (also known as Japanese indigo), Polygonum tinctorum.

  • Färberpflanzen im Garten – Sommer

    Dye plants in the summer garden

    New website, new blog - to jump into the deep end, here's a short tour of the dye plants in the garden. In spring, I sent out a lot of seeds for dyer's plants and, of course, grew them myself. Instead of starting with a new workshop on the dyer's garden as planned, there were suddenly no more workshops at all with Covid -...