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  • Färben mit Obstschnitt: Apfel, Kirsche und Pflaumenbaum

    Dyeing with fruit pruning: apple, cherry and plum tree

    Did you know that you can dye with fruit cuttings? Using twigs or branches from the many fruit trees that are pruned every year - usually in winter, when there are hardly any other dye plants outside. Some trees are even pruned again after the harvest. So lots of potential for the dye pot!

  • Kurz + bündig: Schwarze Skabiose zum färben

    Short + sweet: Black scabiosa for your dye garden

    Pincushion scabiosa, botanically Scabiosa atropurpurea You may also know this scabiosa as velvet scabiosa. It comes in different colors, from very light like white or pale pink to deep dark red, almost black. I have them here as a 'black' variety, and these are probably the most interesting for dyeing.

  • Kurz + bündig: Färber-Mädchenauge

    Short + sweet: Dyer's Tickseed

    Dyer's tickseed, botanically Coreopsis tinctoria Tickseed is an annual plant with delicate leaves and a large number of small flowers. The flowers are a warm yellow with a mahogany red eye.

  • Kurz + bündig: Färberwaid

    Short + sweet: Woad

    Woad, botanically Isatis tinctoria woad, has a long history in Germany, especially in Thuringia, where woad provided work and prosperity. The same applies to other regions in Central Europe, such as the southwest of France. Nevertheless, woad did not originally come from Central Europe. Woad was cultivated by humans very early on and has been used as a...

  • Plane deinen Färbergarten

    Start a dye garden

    Färbergarten planen: Färberpflanzen für Garten und Balkon Ich gärtnere in einem Berliner Schrebergarten, mit begrenztem Platz, ohne Gewächshaus, und außer Färberpflanzen möchte ich auch Gemüse und Obst ernten. Diese Färberpflanzen hier sind meine „Grundausstattung“, und werden jedes Jahr wieder angebaut, auch wenn es eng ist… Ich färbe gerne mit ihnen, sie funktionieren in meinem Garten…

  • Natürlich gelb färben mit Goldrute

    Dyeing yellow with goldenrod

    From late summer onwards it can hardly be overlooked and is in full bloom: The time has come to dye beautiful yellows with goldenrod. Comparing my garden today on September 1st, 2020, with photos from previous years, it probably started to blossom earlier this year than in previous years. But it's still not too late to get your dye pots ready!