Dye seeds Japanese indigo, Polygonum tinctorium

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Dye seeds Japanese indigo, Polygonum tinctorium or Persicaria tinctoria

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Like woad, Japanese indigo or dyer's knotweed is a plant that contains indigo precursors in the green leaves. As the name Japanese (or Chinese) suggests, this plant is native to more tropical regions than Germany - it can still be cultivated here, but prefers it a protected and sunny spot. Feed well, avoid completely dried out soil as well as waterlogging.

Choose a site with loose, humus-rich and nutrient-rich soil. Feed throughout the summer. This annual is very sensitive to frost.

The seeds were grown locally. They're also available as part of a dye plant seeds kit containing various seeds for your dye garden. When buying the seeds individually you can choose between two different varietals while stocks last. In my garden, the varieties behave somewhat differently: the pink-flowered variety grows larger, the leaves are wider; the white variety remains somewhat smaller, the leaves are narrower, but it tolerates drought somewhat better. Both varieties contain the indigo precursor in the leaves.

Start indoors: End of March – April
Plant outdoors: after last frost date (mid-May for me)

Spacing: Plants can be grown en bloc, about three to six plants, 15-30 cm

Contains min. 60 seeds.
For larger size plantings get a bigger pack here.

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